Unified Society for the Next Generation Digital Economy (USDEX) is a block chain based network aiming to unite the most innovative cryptocurrencies into one platform allowing users easy access to all features and endless possibilities of the blockchain ecosystem.

Your files will pass through the USDEX network, becoming digitally signed across any additional blockchains of your choosing. With USDEX, your encrypted transactions result in files being verified and stored forever across multiple blockchain ledgers; adding an uncompromising level of security by allowing other blockchains to store the hash while simultaneously making man-in-the-middle attacks more difficult than ever before. This heightened sense of security will allow us to further polarize USDEX from the rest of the emerging altcoin market, proving the original spirit of USDE is still with us moving forward after the coinswap. Our mission is to expand on our moral philosophy of a one unified digital world currency. Our team is working on bridging the gaps between altcoin blockchains in the same way USDEX transactions unite markets across borders. USDEX plans on ever increasing our investment potential, allowing our clients to mine and stake for a broad range of associated alt coins from within our own robust pool, increasing the potential workload for our clients, ensuring a future in mining for our community, and exponentially increase value with every new associate blockchain we add while moving forward.

A Unified Society

We already have investors engaging our coin with knowledge of previous themes relating to a “Unified Society” and a “Unified Currency” so we have already bridged the gap.

Intangible as our ideas and thoughts themselves, Unified Society’s cryptocurrency represents the cutting edge of human conceptualization through trading. Our human race is experiencing the most massive technological revolution in recorded history. Surpassing the iron age, the renaissance and the industrial revolution, our current generation is caught in the midst of wondrous technological achievements and witnessing multiple eras lift our consciousness to higher tiers of thought than ever before; bridging the gap between our imaginations and production faster than ever. The age of glass has networked our thoughts through fiber optics at the speed of light and allow us to see vivid worlds of art and color through screens indiscernible from reality by the human eye. We have the power to birth plants in infertile soil through the use of genetic modification and inoculates. Advancements in computing and systems engineering allow us to automate production processes, freeing humans from physical labor and allowing humans to enter what Michio Kaku describes as the age of abundance; allowing us to delve into the schools of philosophy and psychology as we have more time to look deeper within our own minds.

In this future described by Michio Kaku, humans will be replaced from physical work by robotic influence in the workplace, removing the need for human service in the production industry. Global hunger will be wiped out through the implementation of genetically modified agriculture, allowing us to plant and harvest crops in any soil. 3D printing allows us to interface with the world of our imaginations and use our thoughts to modify the world we live in. Unified Society is here to fill the niche in the future of our global socioeconomic needs. We wish to unify societies across all borders through proper implementation of the ERC20 token blockchain.

Through USDEX, our community will nurture a society unifying humans across the borders of our countries and the borders our minds. As we move toward the world of abundance, USDEX and its parent and child chains will allow ecommerce to expand through a unified tree of blockchains. Our developers are currently investing their time and money in creating a world of networked cryptocurrencies through the implementation of cross-chain technology.

We don’t want to replace the major coins, we aim to incorporate other chains into a cross-network exchange of trade, integrating our tree of blockchains into every facet of society; allowing the freedom for new developer partnerships to integrate and fork into Unified Society’s vision into every niche, exponentially increasing our value for people in any walk of life they choose.

Adding nodes to our blockchain through the integration of parent and sister forks will exponentially increase our fiscal value, exponentially increase our security with every new encrypted node we fork into, and exponentially increase our trade volume.

What does this mean for you? Not figurative, but literal exponential gains in value for our currency, obtaining our ideal of bringing minds together and increasing your value as a person. If you join Unified Society, you’re not just joining a microeconomic ecosystem, you’re joining the possibilities. As we breach through our minds and grasp for the door of the age of abundance, we want you there with us ready to nurture the human mind. We want to fill the niche of philosophy and ideas. When human physical labor slows, our current idea of society will fail to meet our need to engage in our communities through a physical labor force. Automation is already lessening the need for human involvement every day in the physical workplace, slowly pressuring us to find other forms of income.

USDEX wants to work hand in hand with investors, consumers and producers to generate trade through the use of currency blockchains, smart contracts and encrypted nodes for transferring files when your ideas need a secure way to bridge the gap from imagination to reality for real world use.

When your thoughts generate content through digital media; the digital artists, thinkers and doers will need a way to sell and purchase documents. USDEX wants to be there. While the age of abundance is still being nurtured into reality, so too will our societies need to nurture each other and USDEX is the process we all need for translating thought into currency.

If you use our file transfer protocols, you will become part of a society founded on user generated content; paving the way for your incredible ideas to mature into profit generating tangible assets, able to be bought and sold over our digital marketplace. Through buying and selling through our tree of blockchains, your ideas mature into tangible services. Encrypted ledgers let you keep track of profits right alongside your investment portfolio; easing management of your finances and keeping your investments of time and your thoughts secure; leaving copies across all blockchain ledgers in the tree as you use our file transfer protocols alongside our cryptocurrency transfer nodes.

The Global Marketplace

As the world becomes smaller with the evolution of digital technology, businesses around the globe are finding more and more potential customers. These business managers and CEOs need to a way to keep up with the ever-changing financial environment of regulatory taxes and legislation, as well as those in other countries.   USDEX solves these payment issues starting with the US business and branches out to reach a world of interconnected companies. Adoption is slow, but all new ideas are incubated before becoming mainstream. We believe this is partly because of the relatively negative media about crypto-currencies being only for people acting in a nefarious manner. The truth is that legitimate business finances can be greatly improved by the adoption of digital currencies.

We are entering a period of discovery for the average person and cryptocurrency. The mere fact that legislators of multiple countries are crafting laws to regulate the market is a great sign of legitimacy. This is where USDEX comes in. We wanted to create a coin that utilizes a platform to help the average user buy into the crypto market, trade various coins straight across with no need to convert to Bitcoin, and then hold that coin in their own wallet. When a trade is made from one coin to another directly, without having to convert to a common currency or medium, this is a process that is referred to as “Atomic Swaps”.


With USDEX, we want to help you do more than just trade coins. We want to help you realize the power of communication through blockchain technology. Our vision is to leverage the reach of the numerous coin networks in use right now to help build an interconnected communications system. Imagine being able to send documents and enact smart contracts across networks with one central system. You have a business that uses one crypto while a contractor or firm you want to deal with has another. Now, there is nothing in the way of sending and receiving vital documents and contracts to help move your project along. We call it “Cross-Chain Technology” and we want this protocol to help reduce the cost of business and personal communications around the world. Less paperwork, more secure. USDEX is the Unified Society for the Next Generation Digital Economy and we want to help you become a part of the new digital economy.

X-Crypto Project Cross-Chain Protocol Overview

It is very easy to get confused when trying to understand cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies. Even more so when the average consumer is researching them for investment. From using sophisticated encryption algorithms to understanding how the blockchain advances, one can get frustrated. With USDEX, aim to take a more pragmatic approach. When speaking about the potential uses for blockchain technology and networks, the concept of communications is a novel idea. How can we use this network to our advantage to send and receive messages, documents and legal papers? The blockchain is currently being developed to be able to send and receive documents just as one would send and receive USDEX in their wallet. We can also use information from different coin networks, such as Bitcoin, to perform direct swaps of coins between chains, value for value. This is called an “Atomic Swap”. However, what if we combine those features to allow users to verify files across different networks? This is where Cross-Chain Technology comes to the forefront.