How was Unified Society started?


A single developer created a coin called Unitary Status Dollar Ecoin ($USDE) in 2014 and listed it on multiple exchanges. That developer suffered a major accident in 2015 and could not continue the work for the USDE Network. The USDE network was then dropped and the coin was subsequently delisted from multiple exchanges. There was also a fallout from Cryptsy being shut down and the incident where existing wallets were lost. Some may remember Big Vern and how he fled to another country.


In 2017, a group on claimed to have bought the remaining wallets from a sale of Cryptsy’s former assets where USDE was among them. I, Randy Becker, was able to acquire the USDE wallet from the members of and partnered with Alex Baltag and Ryan McMahan to try to develop the old USDE network and reintroduce it to today’s market.


As a start, we were able to successfully return the old USDE coins to a lot of users and were able to get the coin relisted on Yobit. Though we tried to work with the old code, there was so much difference between then and today’s technology. Even had some guidance from the former developer, Paul. However, we could not get it to conform to our vision of what we wanted USDE to be.


After realizing that we could not make the old coin work, we decided to form a new network called USDEX ($USX), Unified Society for the Next Generation Digital Economy. After developing the new USDEX Network, we offered all of the old USDE coin holders a chance to swap their coins for new USDEX coins. Given the old coin had a total supply of 1.6 billion, we performed a pre-mine of 150 million USDEX to facilitate a 10:1 swap. With the existing USDE community returning, we were about to reimburse users with 70 million USDEX from lost USDE on cryptsy. We were also able to bring back many old USDE wallet holders and integrate them into the new USDEX system.

Meet The Founders




Mechanical Engineer, Outdoor Enthusiast Randy started mining and researching cryptocurrencies in 2013, including the original USDE coin. He believes cryptocurrencies can change finance and business models on a global scale.



Administrator, Computer and Automotive  Enthusiast Ryan has been involved in Cryptocurrencies since 2013 and was an early holder of USDE, Ryan has also worked on many small Cryptocurrency projects.



Developer & Pool Admin

CEO of Select Tronix Inc, Carl has actively provided technical solutions to many small crypto projects including the development of mining pools. He is an early investor of USDE and strongly feels that USDEX thrives on a bold mission in the crypto world.


Lead Web Developer

Boo has worked on many cryptocurrency projects including custom WebWallets, ICO Platforms, Websites, and Faucets. Although anonymous, boo is very active in the crypto community and personally vested in USDEX.


Douglas Donal


Content Developer

Doug has worked on many graphics design projects, He is a professional designer with over 15 years of experience.

Cory Johnston


Technical Advisor

Has been working in the IT field for over 10 years As a system administrator and a Service Desk technical team lead. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast. Cory been in and out of the Cryptocurrency world since 2015, and feels that great Customer Service is the best way to change the industry for the better.


These people moderate the discord channel and other Unified Society applications


Computer IT Guy, Artist, and Self Proclaimed Funny Guy,
Greggles joined the Team in Late December, fresh off his
buying everything at ATH.  Now forever holding bags and his trusty muppet beaker, Greggles is happy to help answer questions on discord and create daily memes to keep everyone sane while they refresh their portfolios every 3 seconds.

Such fear. Much wow.

Such fear. Much wow. serves as a Technical Director of healthcare organization with experience in project management, continuous improvement, and accreditation. He has also been in the cryptocurrency world since 2016 as a speculator and investor. He will be lurking around discord to answer questions and keep everything in order.


Crypto Enthusiast, He strives to make the crypto community a better place and wants to work with Unified Society to create a new era.