It’s time for the Next Generation of Blockchain Technology

Cross-Chain Technology

Cross-chain technology will bring the cryptocurrency industry closer together with cross-chain transactions and contracts. It also adds an additional layer of security by reducing or even eliminate “man in the middle” type attacks on file and document transfers.


Unified Society’s cryptocurrency USDEX ($USX) represents the cutting edge of human conceptualization through trading. The world is experiencing an exciting technological revolution in recorded history that surpassed the likes of the renaissance and the industrial revolution. Our current generation is caught in the midst of wondrous technological achievements where thoughts and ideas are elevated to higher tiers of consciousness than ever before.

Why USX?

A Unified Society

Through the United Society ecosystem, our community will unify the world through its parent and child chains which will enable e-commerce to expand through a unified tree of blockchains. Our dedicated and talented developers are currently creating a world of networked cryptocurrencies through the implementation of cross-chain technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to leverage the reach of the numerous coin networks in use today to help build a centralized system of interconnected communications network. We call this system “Cross-Chain Technology” which will allow anyone to be able to enact smart contracts across networks securely and cost-effectively using the cryptocurrency of their choosing. This is possible through the atomic swap process in which a platform utilized by our coin USDEX ($USX) helps the average user trade cryptocurrencies directly without the need to convert to a common currency or medium like Bitcoin.


We want to help and work with investors, consumers, and producers to securely engage in the transaction of their idea and content through currency blockchains, smart contracts, and encrypted nodes. USDEX ($USX) is the representative coin of Unified Society for the Next Generation Digital Economy and we want to help you become a part of the new digital economy.


United Society wants to provide a platform solution to facilitate document transaction securely through our ecosystem when people generate content through digital media. United Society is the solution for translating thoughts and ideas into currency cost effectively and securely.

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Wallet Downloads

232 Million

Max coin’s

$2 Million

Market Capital

Introducing Our Web wallet!

The web wallet is finally in public beta! We have huge plans for our WebWallet with more integration. Enjoy and please give us suggestions on the new Wallet in our Discord!


Current and Upcoming Features

Multicoin Support

We plan on supporting a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Encrypted Private keys

We dont have access to your private keys. Only you do! So hold on to that login.

Atomic Swaps

Our plans for atomic swaps are becoming closer everyday!

Unmatched Support

We provide support for everyone 24/7 in our discord.

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